Hi!  Hope everyone's doing great!  Thought I'd say, "Hey", with some pictures.

Summer Vacation at

Panoramic paste of hotel room view pics.

Hotel room view.

Friend and...

...his children.
We rented a houseboat...

(Joe (left) and friend (sitting on his life jacket because he didn't want it on in the picture. -- Gees!))


...and went tubing.
I got bounced off landing upside down.
Here's a clip of it for you to laugh at!
Gee...  :-|

That's our new-used truck.  Joe said it was past! time to get rid of the ol' '85 Nissan as our extra vehicle.  I now agree.

Friend, his children, and me.

Joe fishing for trout.

The river.

Joe getting ready.

Some of my trout.

"Joe... I said, "...Smile.""
A guy near me hooked a huge trout!  Somewhere between two to three feet!  It got hung up around a rock for awhile in front of me, then took off further down stream, and jumped out of the water in front of our friend.  Pretty neat to see!  Bummer for the guy though as it eventually broke the line.
Joe and I caught 18 trout total.  Could only take four a day.  We needed four more to be at limit but, it was time to go.
One night fishing in the river was neat when fog started slowly rolling in getting closer and closer from down and up river!  Spooky neat!
One thing that wasn't so neat was the 100+ daytime heat waves we had.  Ugh!  At least you got cooled off in the river though.  Ahhh!
Always nice when camping, is that we had a [nearly full and] full moon at night.
P.S.  Tomatoes

"Got Tomatoes?!!!"

(The shirt says,
"I'm the Maid Girlfriend.)

...all but front tray was picked... yesterday! Guess that's what happens when you plant 18 plants!  Ha-ha!
These are from the garden my sister Vera and I planted.

Okay, have a great week!  Later!  XO

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