"Whatever happened to the 3-cent stamp?
 The same thing that happened to the nickel candy bar 
and 20.9 cent gallon of gas!" - Aaron J. Fadem


Signs your mailman
has been working
much too hard

Ways the Post Office will
spend the extra money
from the rate hike

Smithsonian National Postal Museum Links

Postal Museum's start page

What Postal Service motto?!
"Neither snow nor rain..."?

Graceful Envelope Contest

Decode the Barcode

Moving the Mail

R.M.S. Titanic


USPS official site

History of the USPS

"Going Postal" is a myth

How much would it
cost to mail a letter in
another country?!

The USPS is a user-funded, government-regulated, nonprofit corporation that receives no support
from tax dollars and hasn't since 1971 when the United States Post Office became the United
States Postal Service.
This is often misunderstood. Operational funds come from postage and
other services and items purchased by our customers. Click to read about it.

Postal Workers' Homepages

Frobozz's Beware of the Grues! The Branch 466 section has a list of Letter Carriers' homepages

Postal And Proud Of It! On this page he explains the average Letter Carrier's daily routine

 Mostly Of Interest To Postal Workers

Postal News

The Simmons Report including Postal News Headlines

Postal Workers Online



Unofficial site of [my] local NALC Branch 343

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Glossary of Postal Terms

Lu's News and Views

Linn's Stamp News


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: : : : 2004 Letter Carriers' rotating days off calendar - Branch 343 : : : :

: : : : 2005 Letter Carriers' rotating days off calendar - Branch 343 : : : :

NALC - National Association of Letter Carriers

AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations

Unofficial site of my local NALC Branch 343 AFL-CIO

Graphics by Zena
Original Postal LLV artwork by Richard Neuman

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