2004 Pennsylvania Trip.

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"People Key"

Mary = Ted's Mom.

Ted = Joe's Dad.

Ted, Sue, Holly, and Alexis = Joe's brother and family.

Ron and Lauren = Joe's brother and family.

Joanne, Paul, Nicky, and Kendra = Joe's sister and family.

Kateryna = Ted's wife.

Nelya and Anya = Katreyna's children.

Waiting to leave for Pennsylvania from St Louis Airport.

Clouds and land from the plane...

Clouds, land, and a river from the plane...

More clouds and the same(?) river from the plane...

Still more clouds, and some sort of race track from the plane...

The end of the cloud pictures!  ...At least the ones I'm posting.

Hey, it's my camera!

You didn't have to look at the cloud pictures!  ;)

Russian vodka brought straight from the Ukraine, and New York wine...

I think we'll be sleeping well tonight.

(Me, Anya, Nelya, and Kateryna.)


Kateryna and Ted.

Ron, Ted, Joe, and Mary.

Mary's 92nd Birthday!

Limerick as seen from the bus going to Atlantic City.


Atlantic City.

Some Atlantic City Casinos.

Ate here at Caesars, and played slots at Trump Plaza.  I gambled away, on the 25-cent and dollar slots, 40 of the $50 limit I gave myself!


Outside Caesars at Atlantic City.

Pretty entrance of Caesars at Atlantic City.

I should have taken pictures of the huge chandeliers at Trump Plaza... Wow!

Atlantic Ocean at Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Atlantic Ocean.

Dang straight I'm walking barefoot through the sand and putting my feet in the ocean!!!  :)


Party pooper.

My new Beau.

Me, Ron, and some stuffed critters at Cabela's.

Aquariums at Cabala's.

"The fish I catch are never this big..."

Sue, Holly, Ted, Alexis.

Joanne, Paul, and Nicky.

Uncle Joe trying to be shorter than his nephew in the picture.  He didn't have to try hard!  (Ron, Nicky, Joe, and Joanne.)

No picture of little Kendra... she was having fun! in Ocean City with her Dad and Stepbrother.


No picture of little Lauren... she didn't take this trip because she was having fun! in Santa Claus, Indiana with her Mom.

After a cancelled flight due to weather?!  :-|

crashed at a non-fancy (to put it nicely!) motel for the night after eating at the hotel restaurant...


...of which seeing this bumper sticker! outside the restaurant...


Never mind.


It was...

...home at last.

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