Ankylosing Spondylitis
2005 My sisters visit
On her latest visit my sister made me work!  Watch our garden grow...
2004 Felt like playing! for a little bit making a cute gif of "Mr. Six" ...which then led to making this page to include the music connected with him.
My sister visits
2004 Pennsylvania Trip.
2003 Nov 11 - Got deer?  Watched six grazing the neighbor's field today!  Just don't wanna meet them on the road!  Photo - (from inside the house so not real visible 'cause of window glare - oh well!)
Check out these neat photos...
Oops! - Trashing trash cans
Oct 29 - Today's Moon
Just something to help understand 'junk mail'...
Letter to the Editor- Del Polito hits USA Today for 'junk mail' comments Comments (23)
Oct 19 - Who knew.  Ladybugs (Asian) all over the place outside.  Got bit by one.  Yes, I did.
Info links below... <--- Google search.
Oct  02 - Tonight's moon - Just because, why not.
Sep 30 - I guess I'd say, I drove through a rainbow today.  Rain on the road became mist in the air by the cars - the sun was out and it created a rainbow right there on the road.  I couldn't help but smile when I realized I was "driving through a rainbow".  It is too bad I never ran into one of the pots of gold though!  Darn.
Sep 28 - Today's photo - The neighbor's field shows... Autumn's here.
Sep 14 - Tonight's sunset - Much prettier live but this will have to do!  That's not (what looks like) a body of water... it's just white clouds.
Aug 27 - My photo of Mars - On Aug. 27 at 4:51 a.m. Mars was less than 34.65 million miles away -- closer than itís been in 59,619 years.  Read more here
2002 May 15 - Moooooooving
Mar 21 - It's the "B" word!

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