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---  With Deepest Sympathy  ---
Of the precious lives taken from us September 11, 2001.
The terrorist attacks on America claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 civilians
from nearly 60 countries, among them 343 NYC Firefighters,
37 Port Authority Police Officers, and 23 NYC Police Officers.
---  Many Thanks ---
To all the heroes, volunteers, and
friends and Countries from around the world
 who lovingly touched the lives of many in the aftermath.


In Remembrance Of
the victims and lives lost to the terrorist acts of anthrax mailings. 
Many people were victims and five people lost their lives,
including two *U.S. Postal Service employees.

Although the anthrax mailings are not currently thought to be organized by the people responsible for September 11, and that it currently seems the culprit(s) are most likely U.S. citizens, the mailings were acts of terrorism.  The events happened soon after September 11 bringing more shock, uncertainty, and fear to our nation and the world.  I'm certain it will always be closely associated in our minds with September 11.



Support Our Troops!


Original author/artist mentioned when known.

We Will Go Forward "The Americans"
by Gordon Sinclair
Poem by Jack Buck
"God Bless The USA"
lyrics and audio files
 Red Skelton's
Pledge of Allegiance
text and audio files
(A serious side of Skelton)
"God Bless America"
Pulling Together Transcript of
President Bush's address
September 11:
Chronology of terror
Mommy Please Don't Cry NYC Firefighters Poem  
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R. Walker - UK
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"Tribute In Light"
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USA's "National
Anthem" lyrics's
"Attack on America"
E-mail rumors list's
"terrorist attacks"
E-mail rumors list
Desk Flag program
Displays an animated United States flag in the corner of your computer screen. 133K freeware.
The Unity Page

Interview with God
Even if you don't believe,
this is really nice!

Patriotic Computer Wallpapers
USA (printable) Flag Ribbon-o-Matic Blue Lady - Eagle
USA Flag
Desktop Wallpaper
for your computer
To Osama from an American Wife and Mother Flags, Car Flags, and Stickers to purchase
Zooming Aerial Photo of WTC aftermath
(Click on the Twin Towers icon at the site and download the viewer.)
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Tears For Freedom - United We Stand Tribute (flash movie)
A special tribute to thank countries from around the world for supporting us in a time of tragedy.

Prayer for the Children (flash movie) Anton Oparin's WTC photos


Attack On America World Trade Center Images - The Black Day EarthCam-America At War


More things will be added as I run across them - please visit again.


Photo Info:  Brooklyn firefighters George Johnson, left, Dan McWilliams, center, and Billy Eisengrein raise a flag at the World Trade Center In New York on Sept. 11.  The photo hangs at firehouses across the nation and copies were left as a calling card in Afghanistan by U.S. commandos. - By Thomas E. Franklin, The Record via AP

Flying Image script from Dynamic Drive

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