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Help find a cure for cancer

 Help find a cure for cancer - volunteer your PC to help process molecular research!

Click here to read more and download the program.


'Click To Give' 'em daily!
The Breast Cancer Site: fund free mammograms The Rainforest Site: save our rainforests The Hunger Site: give free food
The Child Health Site: help a child The Animal Rescue Site: feed an animal Campbell's Chunky: click for cans
Greater Good: shop & give at this site    


Family - Friends - Acquaintances

Branton Boehm: Home Page

Branton Boehm:

Joe: Home Page Michelle: Home Page
Mike Porter: Singer - Songwriter Eric Alsvan in
O-Zone Babies at

O-Zone Babies: Home Page






Gypsy Teller


Fun & Neat Pages

Are you a Buckeye?

Pennsylvania Coal Speak Dictionary

Baby Mop

How to wash the cat

How to give your cat a pill

Deck of Cards

Alien Song [3.2 MB]

Technology for Country Folk

Fun! "Stress Relief" [1.25MB]

Things To Remember


Virtual Cat
Diary of a Cat Stress Diet Ohio Buckeyes - The candy!
We Like The Moon Viking Kittens  
QVC-Ladder_fall.wmv SAH-sword_accident.wmv  


Fun & Neat Websites

Trivia collections of unusual facts

Facts about the day you were born! dMarie Time Capsule

The singing dictionary!

The Aurora Page

Aurora's Northern Nights

Internet Bumper Stickers

An online doodle pad!

Draw your own e-card on the

E-Pad and send it to a friend!

Submit a drawing to be included in their book.  You Draw

Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery


Note: The above ASCII Art is a JPG as not everyone has their browser set to view in one of the fonts necessary for ASCII Art spacing.

View a random Home Page at -

Juneau Photos

Make A Shorter Link  



CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade




Find out what other people are earning in your field and geographical region.

NetLingo the Internet Dictionary

Also includes:  Smileys :-) and Emoticons =^..^=  ; Acronyms and Shorthand LOL.

An on-air and online network dedicated to help viewers improve their computer knowledge. TechTV

World Atlas and Geography Facts

How Stuff Works



Scanner Frequencies Language Translator

Track a person's airplane flight! Neat!

Flight Tracker

Find career information by occupation.
Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-03 Edition


Informational about E-mail

Do you ever wonder if that email you received is true?

If you receive email with warnings, virus alerts, inspirational stories, business opportunities, pleas for help,

or offers of; free merchandise, coupons, gift certificates, or money for forwarding an email,

you can check them out to see if they are true by visiting the sites below.

Truth or Fiction

Urban Legends and Folklore

Symantec (virus info)





Local Websites
Go to my About Me page and its child pages for some local websites.



Free Internet music service broadcasting over 22 million songs each week with over 375,000+ songs in rotation on 150+ music channels.

MIDI Search Engine Lyric Server
Search for song lyrics even if you don't know the song title or artist. Just enter a partial song lyric and Lyric Server will find the rest.
Music List    





Google Toolbar  - with new, eliminate pop-up ads, feature! Merriam-Webster Toolbar  



Click on their Map link to search for cams in your area EarthCam

Go to my "About Me" page and its child pages for some cams in my local area.



Graphics from: Creations by Dawn

Cat-In-Window Graphic from: Zing


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