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            I'm originally from Galion, Ohio, and currently live in O'Fallon, Illinois.  O'Fallon is approximately fifteen miles east of St. Louis, Missouri.  The Gateway Arch, the landmark of St. Louis, is located downtown near the Mississippi River edge.  St. Louis is known for one of baseball's heroes Mark McGwire, and is home to Super Bowl XXXIV's MVP Kurt Warner, and the St. Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXIV Champions and 2001 NFC Champions!

            I was in the United States Air Force stationed at Scott AFB, Illinois, where I was an Inventory Management Specialist working in the Furnishings Management Office of the Supply Branch.

I've been a Letter Carrier (I deliver the stuff with the little stampy thingies on them!) for the United States Postal Service (USPS) since 1994 and deliver mail in the Town and Country area of Chesterfield, Missouri.  For now, until I have information written explaining my daily work routine, here's a page from another carrier's website which explains the average Letter Carrier's daily routine.  It's close enough to mine to work!
            At the USPS website you can read the History of the USPS.  By the way, something that is often misunderstood, the USPS is a user-funded, government-regulated, nonprofit corporation that receives no support from tax dollars and hasn't since 1971 when the United States Post Office became the United States Postal Service.  Operational funds come from postage and other services and items purchased by our customers.  Click to read about it.  Hey, thanks for being our customer!  Be sure to stay away from those other guys the Fed-UPS!   Stop by my Postal Links page too for more great Postal stuff...even free stamps!  I'm joking about the free stamps!

Click to play "Return To Sender" song!
"Return To Sender" song!
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"Tweety" audio clip!

Original artwork of "Rural Route 2" (kittens in the mailbox) by Lesley Harrison
Flying Butterfly script from Dynamic Drive

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